No, really!

I swear I will get to 101 uses, but not until after I defend. Then you can call me Doctor and demand great things from me. For now, I’m still just a lowly graduate student who makes excuses for not finishing things. 😉

And no, it’s not an April Fool’s joke; I just reserve the right to change my mind later and say it was an April Fool’s joke if I don’t feel like drawing any more of these.

— Author’s notes:
1. Note the coffee stain on this copy of Lang. Yep, many of these uses really do come from real life! Photos of real-life versions of the comics are encouraged.

2. That’s a “Polish Mood Cube” in front of Lang. I inherited it from my grandmother. The four moods are Happy (szczęśliwy), Sad (smutny), Angry (wściekły), and Depressed (przygnębiony). This photo shows Depressed. I can’t pronounce any of these.