Yesterday, I was satisfying my office supply craving at a Big Box Retailer, and I wandered over to their display of Sharpies. I’m still well-stocked, especially since making the switch to the tablet, but it’s always nice to doodle on the test pages.

Anyway, imagine my surprise when I saw a new Sharpie color: Mocha Sharpie! If I ever become sophisticated enough to make jokes that aren’t just illustrated puns, I’ll have to indulge in a Mocha Sharpie.

I took a very poor-quality picture comparing black, mocha, and brown. To see it, hop over to the flickr page: Mocha Sharpie.

In other news, welcome to the neatorama and Stumble Upon visitors that have been pouring in lately. You may also have noticed that Brown Sharpie is indeed one of the comics over at Is It Funny Today?, so, you know, go rate some comics already.

I have a couple of multimedia projects in the works that relate (tangentially) to Brown Sharpie. If anyone has some video-editing chops they would like to donate, let me know! I’m also looking for some funny people to collaborate on a magical mystery blog… And, if you have some ideas for things you’d like to see (Android/iPhone app, eCards, T-shirts, more facebook goodness, etc.), let me know! I have a few weeks during which I can tackle some small projects.

Meanwhile, thanks for reading–and stay tuned for some new types of updates in the near (plus or minus epsilon) future.