Well, hello! On Sunday, Brown Sharpie had a record 6000+ visitors. You can’t imagine my surprise. Of course, only half of them came back on Monday. Bets for today’s numbers? Closest guess to the number recorded by Google Analytics will win the guesser a Brown Sharpie postcard mailed from me to the lucky winner. Leave your guess in a comment to this post (this one, for you RSS readers) by 5:00pm Central Standard Time tomorrow, October 1st, to be eligible. I’ll notify the winner by email…when I get to it. Probably by Thursday. Well, possibly. Probability > 0, for sure.

I have finally finished getting all the comics from the past two years renamed and resorted, so if you’ve been itching to read some of the missing ones, they should be back! If you happen to stumble across a comic that doesn’t show up properly, please let me know. It’s a big job for a small grad student. But hey, it beats real work, right?

Thanks for reading. It’s no fun without you.

Contest Recap:
Guess how many visitors Brown Sharpie had today, September 30th, and you could win a Brown Sharpie postcard! Leave your guess in a comment below with a valid email address by 5:00pm CST, Wednesday, October 1st. Closest guesser will win a postcard drawn by me and mailed before the end of this millennium. Probably.

This post brought to you by the bold macro.

Edited to add: one guess per person, please. No deleting to guess again.